DRYZONE - Targeted treatment for rising damp. Fast - Clean - Effective!

Dryzone is a special damp-proofing cream that is introduced along the mortar course at regular intervals by injecting it into pre-drilled holes. The Dryzone then diffuses before curing to form a continuous water-repellent barrier. This prevents the damp from rising up the wall. Since the 1950s, liquid chemical injection systems, which work in a similar way have been used to treat rising damp with a high degree of success.

Technologists at Safeguard realised that a concentrated “cream” formulation would overcome many of the problems associated with traditional damp-proofing systems. Ideally, such a system would not have to be injected at high pressure into the wall and would be able to deliver the correct level of active ingredient into the wall in a single pass. However, to offer a true breakthrough in rising damp treatment, it would have to meet some challenging design criteria:

Water-based -Stable formulation - Low toxicity -Equal or better performance than pressure injection - Minimal staining -Quick and easy to apply - Odourless - Effective in a wide range of substrates - High level of active ingredient.

Proven quality - BBA certificate

Independent confirmation of the effectiveness of Dryzone came in May 2002 when Dryzone became the first damp-proofing cream to receive BBA Certification

Today Dryzone is the most extensively tested injection cream on the market. BBRI, ATG, OFI, ITB; WTA (Dryzone is proven to be effective on 95% saturated walls!)




One should also pay attention to the correct replastering of the walls after treating them for rising damp. Along with the rising damp hygroscopic salts are being transported into the masonry. These salts are responsible for the decay of the plaster and finishing materials.

A correct treatment of rising damp should always be done in two steps:

  1. Stop rising damp by applying DRYZONE or DRYROD
  2. Hack off all the contaminated plaster and apply an effective replastering system that prevents moisture and salts present in the masonry from contaminating the new plaster and finishing. This can be achieved using REPLA.

More info on www.dryzone.eu


Buy DRYZONE with manufacturer's warranty from SB Solutions, official importer and distributor of Safeguard Europe Ltd products. We need to warn you for counterfeit product offered on some webshops or second hand websites.


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